uPDF is a PDF reader based on SumatraPDF, i was hired to do this project about two years ago under another name, i have changed the name to uPDF since then.

This is a basic PDF reader, if you have used SumatraPDF in the past, you know what this app is all about, i have added autoscroll features, and a new set of icons for the toolbar as well as a settings dialog for some useful extra settings than what the original SumatraPDF had.

To enable autoscroll, just press and hold the left or right mouse button to go either down or up in the document, if you move the mouse, the application returns to the standard mode.

You can download the application here, before using this app, remember it is based on an old version of SumatraPDF, there are several bugs that have been fixed on the current release of SumatraPDF, so if you are looking for a PDF reader you will be better with the latest SumatraPDF release, this application has fallen behind in terms of bug fixes and features.

NOTE: I have removed the download link because i can’t find the source code and since it is open source software it goes against the license to distribute only the binaries with no source available for distribution.