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RoxxSoft Systems is a small software development house, with a single employee which also happens to be the owner.

I offer high quality software consulting services at low rates that are hard to find in other consulting firms across the US and other countries, this is basically due to my location, since I don’t own or want to own big offices whose maintenance just increases the cost of my services and won’t provide real value to my customers.

Due to the minimal resources spent while developing your application, I can provide very low rates and deliver your solution at the same or higher quality than other software firms.




uPDF is a PDF reader based on SumatraPDF, i was hired to do this project about two years ago under another name, i have changed the name to uPDF since then. Breaking News Applet

This is a simple RSS alerter, which connects to a news server on the web and shows popups when new articles are uploaded to the web site, it is RSS 2 compatible and it is written with Win32 and WinHTTP, no extra dependencies are needed. The application includes a NSIS installer.


Virtual Tour Creator

This application loads a virtual tour made in flash inside the default internet browser on the users computer.

RoxxSoft Software Services


I have specialized in Windows and Mac OS desktop applications, my programming languages of choice are C, C++, C#, Objective C, and the development environments include Visual Studio 2003/2005/2008, the Visual Studio Express Editions, and Xcode for Mac OS, although i can use any other compiler if required, and some more esoteric programming languages from time to time.

I don’t work just because is work and brings money in, I like my job and do it because I enjoy software development and feel proud of my work, I can deliver your solution at a very low rate because money is not my final goal, to work on interesting projects that can challenge my current knowledge and expertise is something I look for, although my rates are lower than other software firms, i can ensure you will get top quality software which is easy to maintain, extensible and well designed and written so that it can be supported by me or other development team in the future, if required.

Your investment is safe, i won’t use what’s cool today risking it will be gone tomorrow, the technologies I use are proven and stable, have been here from long ago, and will be here tomorrow.


My Expertise

Windows Desktop Applications
Internet Explorer Addins
Mac OS X Applications
File System Filter Drivers
Windows Mobile Applications
Windows Services
Microsoft Office Addons
.NET Framework Development

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